Why Camp Shape?

Why Camp Shape?

Changing habits is hard and it needs a high motivation to do so. By changing your environment and staying with
other people with the same goals it could help you to get the kick-start you need for changing those habits.

We know that it´s not easy to make a change and two weeks in Camp Shape is not enough time to get in good shape.
But it is enough time to give you the tools you need for that change of old habits and to use the newly gained motivation
to stay happy and healthy when you return home.

Monday, March 9, 2015

 Plate method

We hear everywhere on television, radio, read tones of articles, we know we should have a balanced and healthy meal plan.

 But how many of us know what it means to have a balanced diet?

"For your health eat fruits and vegetables daily." "For the healthy life exercise at least 30 minutes every day” information about the salt, sugar and fat intake. Who have not heard it before? But how many of us respect at least a part of these recommendations?
A main dish should look like this: 1/4 fruit (any fruit is welcome, preferably fresh fruit, or juices), 1/4 vegetables (as well can be eaten grilled or prepared at steam, fresh vegetables variation is very large you just have to find our taste combinations) .1/4 meat or other protein source (preferably white meat but red meat once a week for a rich source of B12, Fe) soy or dairy. ¼ whole grains (brown rice, whole meal pasta, etc.)
You are thinking how this combination might look on your plate?

Here are some ideas how to eat something delicious and good for your health. Imagine your plate with brown rice with your favorite spices, over a slice of grilled chicken breast with sesame seeds near a portion of steamed vegetables.

Good luck with the cooking and be healthy and happy!

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