Why Camp Shape?

Why Camp Shape?

Changing habits is hard and it needs a high motivation to do so. By changing your environment and staying with
other people with the same goals it could help you to get the kick-start you need for changing those habits.

We know that it´s not easy to make a change and two weeks in Camp Shape is not enough time to get in good shape.
But it is enough time to give you the tools you need for that change of old habits and to use the newly gained motivation
to stay happy and healthy when you return home.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Our 14-day program it’s well-structured, and includes 3 main factors in which we believe and use:

We will have a healthy and balanced diet. We will eat at fixed hours. We have a rich menu with delicious natural bio ingredients, you will learn how to prepare the food in a healthy way, also you will taste the Transylvanian traditional cuisine, in which I guarantee that you will fall in love, but don’t worry you will learn some recipes. All this with the help of our Nutritionist who will be there for you.
We will make sport! Maybe this looks scary at the first but, we have the right person in the right place, a Trainer will follow all your steps from the beginning and he will develop a program which fits you and you will see the results in no time. And the exercises are so fun that you will forget that you are doing physical exercises.
We will relax have fun!!! In everyday life we can’t relax because we are to stressed, but here when you are in the nature, and you feel the fresh mountain air, every part of your body and mind is relaxing, also we have some relaxing facilities and relaxing programs, you will feel like with friends here we will do many things together, you will never feel alone! And at not least we have special trips in the weekends at Transylvanian most beautiful cities and castles.

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