Why Camp Shape?

Why Camp Shape?

Changing habits is hard and it needs a high motivation to do so. By changing your environment and staying with
other people with the same goals it could help you to get the kick-start you need for changing those habits.

We know that it´s not easy to make a change and two weeks in Camp Shape is not enough time to get in good shape.
But it is enough time to give you the tools you need for that change of old habits and to use the newly gained motivation
to stay happy and healthy when you return home.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Get ready for your wedding day with us

Wedding day should be one of the most beautiful moments of our lives!

That is why we strive to get out perfect every detail, to find the dress of your dreams, to have the best photographer, the most beautiful cake, the most beautiful flowers, a pleasant ambiance, music, so  each guest is satisfied and  they enjoy together the big day!

An important aspect is that perfect wedding is the dress. And of course the pictures. Even though we have the most talented make-up artist and the best hair stylist, it is very important to look good and to feel good in your own and your skin!.

Confidence makes us more beautiful! Before the wedding lots of  brides keep drastic diets or spend a lot of time in gyms, weight loss without a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet its very hard to keep.

If you have your  wedding this year it's good to start early and to deal with our silhouette , so the wedding day will be as magical as we all dreamed since childhood.

We all have different caloric needs, which are determined by a number of parameters and not only have different metabolism, have different food preferences, different muscle mass index and activity level course and different! So a diet based on personal needs is key to success!

Come and join us this spring so you will be the hottest couple this year!

Bea Nagy
Dietitian and Nutritionist 

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