Why Camp Shape?

Why Camp Shape?

Changing habits is hard and it needs a high motivation to do so. By changing your environment and staying with
other people with the same goals it could help you to get the kick-start you need for changing those habits.

We know that it´s not easy to make a change and two weeks in Camp Shape is not enough time to get in good shape.
But it is enough time to give you the tools you need for that change of old habits and to use the newly gained motivation
to stay happy and healthy when you return home.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

 Training Program

Unless Fitness is your job nobody has hours a day to spend in the gym. Circuit training is the perfect workout for the time-crunched fitness fiend. You can set up as many or as few stations as you like.

     - Press ups, Bench dips, Medicine ball chest pass, Bench lift
•Core & trunk
     - Sit ups (lower abdominal's), Stomach crunch (upper abdominal's), Back extension chest raise
     - Squat jumps, Astride jumps, Step ups, Shuttle runs, Shuttle runs, Bench squat
     - Bur-pees, Treadmills, Squat thrusts, Skipping(optional)

Monday Upper-body: 15x Push-ups; 10-12x Bench dips; 10x Medicine ball chest pass; 10-15 Bench lift: Do it in circuit 4x times, between sets 30 sec pause.

Tuesday Core &truck: 15x Sit ups(lower abdominal's) ;15x Stomach crunch (upper abdominal's);15x Back extension chest raise : Do it in circuit 4x times , between sets 30 sec pause.

Wednesday  Lowe-body: 15x Squat jumps, 15x Astride jumps, 12x Step ups(Each leg), 15 sec Shuttle runs, 15x Bench squat. Do it in circuit 4x times, between sets 30 sec pause.

Friday Total-Body:10-15x Burphee, 4-5 min running interval 1 min sprint 1 min jogging, 10-15x  Squat thrusts, 30-60sec Skipping. Do it in circuit 4x times, between sets 30 sec pause.

Weekends:  Jogging-Running

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